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How do I connect my smartphone/tablet to the Personal Hotspot of my BMW 7 series?

To activate the Personal Hotspot in your BMW 7 series, please follow instructions below:

1/ First make sure that your BMW Bluetooth SIM card reader is connected to your car.
If not, please refer to your car owner manual or contact BMW dealer.

2/ Then, on the on-board infotainment screen, go to the main menu:

3/ Select the Personal Hotspot application:

4/ Select the option to connect a new device on the right:

5/ Flash the displayed QR code with your smartphone/tablet and follow instructions on screen to finalize the configuration:

6/ Once done, you will see the name of your smartphone/tablet appearing as connected in the list of connected devices on the infotainment screen:

You can now enjoy your Ubigi connectivity on your smartphone/tablet thanks to the Personal Hotspot in your car.

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