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How to connect the “BMW Bluetooth SIM card reader” that holds the Ubigi SIM card in my BMW 7 series?

The configuration for your BMW Bluetooth SIM card reader is normally already set by your BMW dealer so that it can connect automatically to your vehicle. As it holds the Ubigi SIM card inside, the BMW Bluetooth SIM card reader will allow you to benefit from the Ubgi connectivity in your car wherever you are.

In case your BMW Bluetooth SIM card reader does not connect to your car anymore, please refer to an owner’s manual or you can follow the instructions below to resolve the situation. Regarding a problem or a failure of the SIM card reader itself, please contact your nearest BMW dealer.

1/ First check if the Ubigi SIM card is well inserted in the SIM card reader and turn it on:
– open the device

– make sure the SIM card is well inserted in the slot:

– then, put the cap back on and press the setup button for 3 seconds to turn on the SIM reader:

The LED lights up green when turned on.
Your BMW Bluetooth SIM card reader is now ready to be connected to your car.

2/ Connect your BMW Bluetooth SIM card reader to your car:
– On the infotainment screen inside of your car, select “Mobile devices” menu

– Select “Personal eSIM“:

– then select “Set up with SIM card

– after that, take your SIM reader and press and hold the setup button for about 6 seconds until the LED flashes in blue

– from that same moment, you will see your SIM card reader appearing on the infotainment screen as “SIM READER XXXXX“: select it on the screen

– It will take few seconds to connect. Once connected, tap on OK:

– the SIM reader LED is now blue (it has stopped flashing). This means that the connection has been successfully done with your car.

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