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Car eligibility check

How do I know if my vehicle is eligible for the Personal eSIM feature

Are the Personal eSIM and Ubigi connectivity available in my country?

Setting-up ubigi connectivity

How do I activate my Ubigi connectivity in my BMW?

How do I share my connectivity with other devices within my BMW?

What is Ubigi connectivity for inside my BMW?

Ubigi account and data plan

What's included in my data plan?

How does the Ubigi subscription work?

How to use the Ubigi app for my BMW?

How to create my Ubigi account for my BMW ?

My email address is not accepted to create my Ubigi account. What should I do?

How to purchase and activate my Ubigi data plan for my BMW ?

How do I check the available balance on my Ubigi account for my BMW ?

Are there different data plans available for the Ubigi connectivity inside of my BMW ?

What happens if I use all my current data plan?

Does my Ubigi data plan has an expiration date ?

How to cancel the Ubigi data plan linked to my BMW?

How to delete my Ubigi account linked to my BMW?

I am connected to my Ubigi account for the first time, but no data plan is displayed. Why?

Payment has been confirmed but my data plan still doesn't show up in my Ubigi account. What should I do?

Vehicle resale

What to do with my Ubigi Account when reselling my BMW?

I've bought a BMW equipped with a Personal eSIM. How can I set and access Ubigi services?

Resolving a connectivity issue

The on-board Ubigi connectivity does not work inside of my car. How to resolve the situation?

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