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The on-board Ubigi connectivity does not work inside of my car. How to resolve the situation?

You never used the Ubigi connectivity inside of your car:
Please refer to our GETTING STARTED guide to set up quickly and easily your Ubigi connectivity step by step.

You already used the Ubigi connectivvity inside of your car but it suddently stopped working:

1/ First make sure that the country you are located in is eligible to Ubigi services:
Is the Personal eSIM feature with Ubigi available in my country ?

2/ Make sure that your Ubigi data plan is still active on your Ubigi account :
– open the Ubigi app and connect to your account
– check if the EUROPE Unlimited data plan is still available and active on your dashboard
In case the data plan is deactivated or does not appear anymore on the account, it is possibly because the last payment has been rejected.

Remember that your data plan is renewed automatically each month and its payment is a monthly fee that is charged each month on your credit card – Please make sure that :
– the registered credit card on the Payment tab on your Ubigi account is still valid
– the current renewal has been paid – you may have received a payment confirmation email for the current month (do not forget to also check your SPAM inbox)

If you have not received any payment confirmation email for the current month’s renewal, then the payment may have been rejected. In this case, please contact your bank for more information about the reason for the rejection.

3/ Check if network options on the infotainment screen are well activated:
Please follow instructions on STEP 4 from our GETTING STARTED page to ensure that options are set correctly on your on-board infotainment screen

4/ Check if your location is covered by the mobile network:
Ensure that you are not in an isolated space (underground garage, inside a dealership, etc.) but rather outdoors. This will help you to get a better network signal easily.

If your location is poorly/not covered by the network, you may not get the signal bars displayed on the on-board screen even if you already followed the instructions above. Check for example if your own smartphone shows a mobile network – If not, we advise you to move within the area to try to find another location with better coverage.

5/ Press the volume button of your car for approximately 20 seconds. This will restart your vehicle’s Head Unit of and re-initialize the embedded connectivity.
Then, wait until 4G/5G and the network bars are displayed at the top of your on-board infotainment screen.
You can now test your Internet connection to see if it’s working.

6/ Check, if you are signed in with the BMW ID, which is connected to your Ubigi data contract. If not, please switch your driver profile.
If the situation persists even though your data plan is active and network bars are displayed on your in-vehicle infotainment screen, please contact BMW Customer Support* for assistance.

*If you still face connectivity issues, please contact:
or +44 0800 325 6000

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