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Connectivity guide for BMW 7 Series in Japan

Connect your personal device to enjoy the Wi-Fi hotspot
as well as the exclusive new BMW 7 Series Theater Screen experience:

the app

your personal device

your account

Download the Ubigi app on your smartphone

Connect your smartphone to the car Wi-Fi hotspot

Open the Personal Hotspot.

Note: If you cannot find the Wi-Fi hotspot, it may not have been configured in your car beforehand or it has been disabled, in that case pair your BMW SIM card with your car to enable the hotspot Wi-Fi.

Select New Device Connection.

Scan the QR code.

on the device you want to connect to and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.

If your device is listed in your personal hotspot,

you are well connected to Wi-Fi.

Create your Ubigi account and get connectivity

Launch the Ubigi application from your mobile device, it will open directly on the account creation screen.
Fill in the required information and create an account.

If you are eligible for a free 200GB data plan valid 6 months, it will automatically be activated. Or browse the catalog to purchase a data plan or top-up.

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