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How do I know if my vehicle is eligible for the Peronal eSIM feature

In order to know if your BMW is eligible, please refer to the Personal eSIM compatibility chart below:

Vehicles with Personal eSIM (BMW Model name)
2-Series Active Tourer (U06)
2-Series Coupe M (G87)
3-Series M (G80)
3-Series (Facelift) (G20)
3-Series Touring M (G81)
3-Series Touring M (G21)
4-Series Cabrio (G23)
4-Series Coupe (G22)
4-Series M (G82)
4-Series M Cabrio (G83)
5-Series (G60)
7-Series (G70)
7-Series Protection (G73)
i4 (G26)
iX (I20)
X1 (U11)
X2 (U10)
X5 (G05)
X5 M (F95)
X6 (G06)
X6 M (F96)
X7 (G07)
XM (G09)

If your vehicle is part of this list and is equipped with OS version 8 or later, you can benefit from the services of the Personal eSIM via Ubigi.

Tip: If you have a My BMW account and your vehicle is linked to it, you can check your access to this feature by going to your ‘Profile’ tab and making sure you have the ‘Personal eSIM’ menu.

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